Thursday, May 27, 2004

Jansens Bar & Restaurant - Starting close to home.

I love Jansens Bar & Restarurant as if it were a cute boy in the tenth grade and I a shy girl in the seventh.
It is a small place on the East side of Oshkosh, about ten tables and a nice bar. Locally famous for its fish frys, don't go on a Friday night unless very long waits are your cup of tea. That said, any other time it is open is a delight.
Excellent meals I have had here include: Steaks, Fried fish, and maybe my favorite sandwich, a grilled chicken club with cheddar cheese and Neuske's bacon. They also make their own soups, and at several categories of desserts each day, pies, cheesecakes, tortes(!), and bread puddings(!!) which are all excellent. The service skips the fake friendliness and goes right to genuine friendliness.
I always tell my friends and family that this is the kind of place I hope to find when I go to another town and try someplace new. I am content, though, that Jansens is only three blocks away.

344 Bowen St
Oshkosh, WI 54901-5157


Blogger barbarajackson3000 said...

"As if" you were a shy girl in the seventh? I think you mean, BECAUSE you were a shy girl in the seventh, Mr. Gulp.

Of Jansen's, I can deeply recommend the bread pudding flavored with orange. The bread pudding isn't pieces of bread baked together like most that I have seen. The only thing I can think to compare it to would be flan, maybe. It's as if they cut the crust off of a loaf of white bread, soaked it in orange essence, and then compacted it to a tenth of its size. That's ten times the flavor impact that you would get if they didn't pre-mush it for you.

You won't get straight talk like this in Zagat's, people.

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