Friday, June 04, 2004

Pappa's Cafe

I am a confirmed east sider, as my father will be happy to tell you. As such, I have occasion to drive to ANM on the lake road, or as the maps call it Highway A. This means I have driven past Pappa's Cafe about a million times. I have never stopped to eat there before Thursday, when my two goals were "shop for books" and "eat at new restaraunt."

After finding a title or two at the PBX on Commercial, I thought there would be no better time to eat at Pappa's since they share the same nice blond brick building.

I was suprised by the layout of the resteraunt, which was different than the picture I had in my mind. There are basically three dining areas, one with the register and about four tables, one main area with about ten, and a rear area with a similar amount. It was clean and brightly lit, and soon filled with people eating lunch.

My food was very good, especially the Chicken Vegatable and Dumpling soup, which was somewhere between a standard broth and creamy soup, and was much better than the last family restaraunt soup that I had. This came with my dinner, the four piece Broasted Chicken. Also included were a roll, (which I was too full to try) some (previously frozen) peas and carrots, and a basket of french fries that would serve two at most other places. The chicken itself was very nice, crispy but moist, just the way broasted chicken should end up. There was a wide selection of pies which I was also too full to try.

The service was friendly but just a bit slow. At least two parties who arrived after me received food before my entree came. This might be because they broasted the chicken just for me, which would have been worth the wait. My waitress did take long enough to check whether or not it was available that the other waitress asked me if I had been helped though.

Overall, it was a great experience, a nice balance of a lot of food and quality food for a reasonable (although not cheap) price.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Let's go everywhere on this list

It's out, new for 2004!